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Laura Noel

All images � Laura Noel

Another notable submission we've received recently is Laura Noel's Fiction, an introspective meditation on postmodernism and the self. Noel is an American photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia, who originally pursued her BA in Public Policy Studies and later graduated from the University of Georgia with an MFA in Photography.

Noel has developed a unique way of working with her images, the reasons for which she expands upon in her statement about Fiction:

"My photographs are like the first sentence of a short story, only the ending can never be certain. I pair images together to enhance the narratives I sense and build up in my mind while working in the street surrounded by strangers I can never really know, but feel a connection to. I am fascinated by the strong emotions that emanate from people isolated on the streets and in social settings. Occasionally the presence of manmade objects is powerful enough that people become superfluous and do not ap…

Dominic Bell

All images � Dominic Bell

I recently received these intriguing and ethereal images from Dominic Bell as part of his ongoing Broken Waves project. A recent photography graduate of the University of the Arts Bournemouth, Bell's work explores the state of our relationship with nature.

"Broken Wave, seeks to represent the objectification of nature through the investigation of current notions surrounding the contemporary seascape. The work of Broken Wave strives to exemplify the possibilities of the relationship between the sculptural object and the photographic image through an investigation into the nature of time and photography. The photographs within Broken Wave are depicted with the aim of superseding the original objects and making the temporality of the sculptural work be replaced by aspects of timelessness. This work is part of an ongoing investigation in to human interaction with landscape and our incessant desire for �objects�. By collecting samples of wave water and fre…

William Eggleston plays the piano


London Art Fair: Photography Day

Lisa Barnard

There sure are some great talks and tours as part of Photography Day (Wednesday 19 January) at this year�s London Art Fair. Scroll down for details.

Image Fatigue: Can photographs still be a catalyst for positive social change in a world saturated with images?
In association with PhotoVoice

12.00 � 1.00 Leading photography professionals discuss past and present campaigns that use socially driven imagery and ask whether they still have an impact in today�s media, and if so what makes these images successful in driving social change. The discussion is led by Marc Schlossman (PhotoVoice Trustee and photographer) with Gideon Mendel (Photojournalist) and Jessica Crombie (Film and Photography Manager, Save the Children).

On The Ephemeral in Photography
In association with Hotshoe Gallery and ORDINARY-LIGHT Photography

1.30 � 2.30 A panel discussion considering the etymology and characterisations of the ephemeral in photography and the wider concept of the ephemeral as it appears in…