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Alina Kisina

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Here's an interesting project by Ukranian-born, London-based photographer Alina Kisina. City of Home is a series of half abstract, half representational photographs that conflate Kiev cityscapes and interiors. Kisina's images become a dialectical and lyrical space questioning the changing state of both personal and cultural values in Ukraine. Malcolm Dickson, Director of Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow (where she recently exhibited), said of the work: "...Whilst there is a longing in the images, Kisina is too young to be nostalgic (!). She is an image-maker embarking on her artistic journey, wide awake to her task and too driven to dwell on distances to lose sight of the road ahead. These photographs, which glow and pulsate, help plot the way."

I had the pleasure of meeting Alina in person at this year's FORMAT International Photography Festival in Derby which she was also part of, and she immediately struck me as a very sincere but fi…

Stefan Ruiz on VBS.TV

Yesterday, I received word from the people at Vice about the premiere episode of Picture Perfect on VBS.TV featuring Stefan Ruiz. The series is comprised of "short video docs on our favourite photographers," they said in their press release.

In episode one, "Picture Perfect visits Stefan Ruiz at his studio in Brooklyn, New York where we talk about hoarding, portraiture, and his career as one of the best photographers around. We then go on assignment with him to Monterrey, Mexico, where an urban subculture of Cholombianos are so inspired by the Colombian style and culture that passes through town that they'll do anything to mimic it."

Each month, Vice will go behind the scenes to explore the artistic process of various photographers as they go on assignment to all corners of the Earth. "We'll see their successes and challenges as they attempt to capture life in a variety of interesting locales," they added. Since its launch in 2007, VBS.TV has becom…

Ben Murphy

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Investigating "some of the problems and paradoxes within the structure of contemporary American society, and the ideologies of freedom and advancement on which it was founded", Ben Murphy's Homeless Encampments of the American West depicts the temporary shelters of 'homeless' individuals who have taken up semi-nomadic residence in California and Nevada.

These ad-hoc living spaces which seem to inhabit the 'wastelands' on the periphery of the city, are in a sense sculptural representations of a facet of the American psyche and, an evocative twist of the idea of the American 'settler'.

Murphy writes: "With limited resources in insecure environments, a sense of home and identity is achieved and established through an improvised impermanent architecture.

American homeless settlements exist as ghettoized counter cultures; often neglected, and marginalized by the communities they live amongst, identifiable by the dwellings made …

1000 Words Photography - The Collection

We are delighted to announce new work in the 1000 Words Collection, Tender #4 by Andrew Bruce.

Andrew Bruce

Medium - 1 available
Edition of 5
51 x 40.5 cm paper size
38.50 x 30.50 cm image size

NB: This is a hand print on C-type Kodak ultra endura paper. It comes with a certificate signed by the artist and is the first print from the edition. The print is produced with a white border around the photograph to allow for framing. We also have included some cotton gloves to protect the print during handling.

As a cyclist travelling to and from college Andrew Bruce was aware of the amount of dead animals and birds on the road. As the cars sped past him he began to wonder how easy it would be for him to meet the same fate.

Andrew became inspired by the tragedy of their sudden death and haunted by the imagined sound of metal against flesh and bone; seeing the road-kill as a potent symbol of humanity's clash with nature, both literally and figuratively. His response can be seen in h…

1000 Words - Board of Directors

We are very proud to announce that 1000 Words has recently appointed a new board of directors with the goal of providing strategic direction, ensuring that objectives are achieved, ascertaining that risks are managed appropriately and verifying that the organisations resource�s are used responsibly. They will be crucial to the next stage of 1000 Words� development. They are:

Camilla Gore is the Director of Flaere Gallery, based in Paris and London specialising in contemporary photography which she founded in 2009. She has eight years� experience in finance at Ernst & Young LLP focused on the energy sector and has worked at HSBC advising multinational companies on strategy and raising finance, specialising in Asia. She also acts as a freelance consultant at Brunswick Arts, a leading global communications consultancy dedicated to managing and providing strategic advice to arts organisations, charities and the not-for-profit sector with dedicated teams in London, Berlin, Paris, Beijin…

Sarah Fuller

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This intimate project aptly titled Book of Dreams taunts the viewer to jump the chasm between a subconscious dreamworld and the external sleeping experience that occurs contiguously.

Artist/collaborator Sarah Fuller explains: "each participant takes home my pinhole camera and sets it up with the aperture facing their bed as per my instructions outlined in the back flap of the journal. Upon waking, the shutter is closed and the participant records the contents of what was dreamed during the 8 to 9 hour exposure. As an evolving book of dream recordings, the journal has the interesting function of acting as an archive of the people whose dreams are inside and an ever-growing intimate story book that each contributor has the opportunity to read before adding their own entry."

Book of Dreams seems to lie at the crossroads of performance and artifact. Highly forensic, the viewer is steered down the avenues of psychoanalysis and the pseudo-science of graph…

Massimiliano Perasso

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Places still available for Anders Petersen workshop in Morocco!

There are still two places available for the 1000 Words Workshop with highly-acclaimed Swedish photographer, Anders Petersen at riad 9 in Fez, Morocco (27 April-1 May 2011). We are asking both professional and amateur photographers to submit entries for this rare and challenging experience.

Watch these video clips from a previous workshop for a taster Anders in action. This should get your creative juices flowing:

Please click here for more information and how to submit. As you'll, see we've extended the deadline for applications to 28 March.