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Ochi Reyes

All images �Ochi Reyes

Last Saturday, I met up with my fellow judges and the participating photographers from this year�s Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed at The Photographers� Gallery offices for the follow-up portfolio reviews and slideshow. Now in its fourth year, the competition celebrates the breadth and dynamism of photographic work produced by recent graduates from across the UK. Following an online application process, the 20 selected finalists were exhibited in an online gallery. To see the list of those photographers who were included, and their respective works click here. This year�s judges were Edmund Clark, photographer; Louise Clements, Artistic Director, QUAD and Format International Photography Festival; and Brett Rogers, Director, The Photographers� Gallery and yours truly, (Editor-in Chief, 1000 Words Photography Magazine).

At some point during one session with a particular finalist, Ochi Reyes, a voice in my head started to channel the words "She�s got something specia…

Roe Ethridge

Whilst researching for our latest issue "Thereness", we came across a selection of videos on featured artist Roe Ethridge. In this particular interview with MoMa's Curator of Photography, Roxana Marcoci, Ethridge discusses his experience of working in commercial photography and its influence on his personal projects, and in the process gives us an interesting insight into his unique approach to making fugues that are achieved through what he refers to as "amnesic states of wondering".

Here is an extract from Maggie Gray�s article in issue 12 of 1000 Words:

"Roe Ethridge studied at Atlanta College of Art, after which he found work as a catalogue photographer to make ends meet, so the theme of day to day luxury and branding is one he knows well. On top of influencing his subject choices, Ethridge�s commercial experience informs the eclecticism of his style. Working to other people�s briefs throws up a host of visual and thematic scenarios. As Ethridge put it …

Tallinn Photomonth 2011

Marge Monko, I Don�t Eat Flowers, 2011, colour poster, 42 x 59cm

In 1989 a united group of people formed a human chain that stretched six hundred kilometres across the three Baltic states � Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In a move to denigrate the 50th anniversary of the Molotov�Ribbentrop Pact, three pro-independence groups from the three nations organised The Baltic Chain. Witnessed globally, the scene was a powerful act of social solidarity and mobility, preceding Lithuania�s declaration of independence by just six months. Estonia and Latvia were to follow. On the evening of 19 August 1991, an attempted coup (the "August Putsch") occurred in Moscow in an endeavour to take power from Gorbachev. This contributed markedly to the eventual dissolution of the Soviet Union. The coup, supported by the Soviet commander of the Baltics, set in motion the declaring of independence of the Baltic States. On 20 August, as Soviet tanks approached Tallinn, the Estonian-Soviet parliament me…

Hands in the fire with Erik Kessels

Michael Grieve / 1000 Words

During the month of September 1000 Words held its third workshop in the medina of Fez, Morocco. This time we invited energetic Dutch man, Erik Kessels, curator, publisher and top banana at KesselsKrammer creative agency, to conduct an interesting and unique workshop that surprised and challenged the participants. Erik is one of those special people who injects a lateral perspective into the minds of those willing to take up a conceptual yet free thinking disposition. And as a passionate collector of anonymous photographs Erik always found the time to hunt in the medina for those vernacular gems hiding in the most unlikely places and lost on the pages of dusty albums.

1000 Words (Michael Grieve and Tim Clark) would like to thank all the participants for a productive workshop and for making the workshop a pleasant and relaxed environment. The participants were:

Alan Nielsen (Brazil)
Natasha Caruana (UK)
Alessandra Ferragina (Italy)
Hyseung Jeon (South Korea)
Hil …