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Hisaji Hara @Michael Hoppen Gallery, London

� Hisaji Hara

A series of beautiful, monochrome portraits by Hisaji Hara who has modelled his photographic compositions upon paintings by Balthus (1908-2001), one of the most revered and controversial artists of the twentieth century, will go on display to the public at Michael Hoppen Gallery this Friday.

In the style of the Modern Master, Hara creates scenes imbued with an unsettling combination of innocence and eroticism. The models have the light, unselfconscious attitudes of playful children and yet their postures invite the eye to see them as sexual young women. Moreover, in reinventing the pictures, Hisaji Hara has chosen to dress his teenage subjects in school uniform, thereby emphasizing the uncomfortable transitional period between child- and adulthood. We feel as if we are the quiet, almost intrusive voyeurs to moments of youthful innocence.

Hisaji Hara is technically brilliant and very meticulous in his preparation for each image. The stage-set for these photographs…

Photographer's Own: Paper Negatives @Daniel Blau Gallery, London

What we see here are unique paper negatives from the 1850�s by some of the greatest old master photographers, a small but perfectly formed exhibition of which opens today at the London arm of Daniel Blau Gallery. They are the true originals, created by the light reflecting off the photographed subject. For their beauty, Zeitgeist, rarity and provenance they rank amongst the greatest treasures of photography.
The paper negative had its heyday for a brief period in the early days of photography until circa 1860. Because the negative is the plate from which a multitude of positive prints can be made, it normally remained in the photographer�s possession during his lifetime. Only later would it enter into public collections by will of the photo-grapher or the family�s donation. It is rare to find negatives by famous artists such as Le Secq, N�gre, de Beaucorps or de Clercq in private hands.
A negative can be so much more evocative than a positive print. We realise from the blurred movement …

Deadline reminder for the Roger Ballen workshop in Fez, Morocco

With little over two weeks left to apply for the next 1000 Words Workshop with Roger Ballen in Fez, Morocco (5-9 May 2012), we thought we would bring you up to date with some recent news.

The workshop has managed to attract notable press here on The Daily Telegraph online and here at GUP Magazine, while Roger Ballen has been busy directing his first music video, the oddly engrossing, I Fink U Freeky for Die Antwoord to widespread critical acclaim, receiving more than 1 million viewers on Youtube in less than 24 hours. At the same time, he has been working towards the first major UK exhibition of his photography this spring, at Manchester Art Gallery which will explore three decades of Ballen's career, and be on show from March 30 until May 13.New, previously-unseen work will also be showcased in the forthcoming issue of 1000 Words - Uncertainty - out 3 March.

If you are considering applying but are wondering if this opportunity is really for you, have a read of the testimonial from…

FOAM Talent Call 2012

The magnificent FOAM are looking for the world's next photography talent. The winners will get the chance to have their work published in Foam Magazine, a distinctive and highly regarded international photography magazine. Photographers can submit and upload their portfolios simply using this Facebook app on the Foam Magazine Facebook page
The sixth edition of Foam Talent Call opened on 30 January and this year photographers can submit their work for the first time via Facebook. With over 800 submissions last year, they are understandably excited to see how many they receive this year via Facebook. It is not necessary to have a Facebook to enter the call. 
The Foam Talent issue is designed to showcase young photographers from all over the world. It is described as "a career building platform, launching aspiring talents into the international photography industry, giving them international acclaim and recognition". A few examples of well known photographers who have been …

Akiko Takizawa @Daiwa Foundation, London

� Akiko Takizawa
At the heart of Japanese photographer Akiko Takizawa�s work lies feelings of dislocation, displacement and isolation. Her black and white photographs, unsettling yet peaceful, are imbued with a sense of loss and longing while retaining that vital glimmer of hope. Dim shafts of light creep into dusty, shadow-shrouded interiors or softly illuminate barren landscapes. The images seem suspended between a dreamlike and wakeful state, teetering at the threshold of consciousness. The line between sleep and death, death and life is tantalisingly blurred. 
Her most recent exhibition, Over the Parched Field, on display at Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, London from 18 January to 1 March, showcases a selection of collotype prints of Takizawa's work from the last six years, photographs she describes as "semi-autobiographical". Taken at the shrines of Osorezan (Fear Mountain) and Goshogawara in county Aomori in the north of Japan, they depict holy places that were cre…