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Peter Fraser @Brancolini Grimaldi, London

� Peter Fraser

In the lead up to his show at Tate St Ives early next year, which will survey the artists� work to date, Brancolini Grimaldi are currently exhibiting Peter Fraser�s latest project, titled A City in the Mind. 

Inspired by the Italo Calvino novel Invisible Cities, Fraser takes on a similar role as its fictional character Marco Polo, who describes these fantastical cities that he discovers on his travels to the emperor Kublai Khan. To overcome the problem of their language barrier, Polo uses objects from the cities, allowing each of them to inflict their own interpretation on what the other is trying to say. Fraser has dedicated the last five years to photographing his home in London, with the desired outcome being the creation of an imagined �city in the mind�. The result is an exhibition that reveals a unique, poetic and enigmatic vision of London.
In an interview with writer Jeremy Millar, Fraser explains that with his work he is essentially, �trying to understand what the…