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2012: The year that was.

It's 31 December and an apt time to mentally wander back though 2012. Reflecting on our programme and its impact, it seems we've finished the year as we begun - working intensively and passionately and with no shortage of inspiring projects on the horizon. To everyone who has contributed to and supported this little adventure in contemporary photography, our sincerest thanks.

What follows (in no specific order) is our list of the best of the past 12 months here at 1000 Words:

-the appointment of an Associate Editor, Brad Feuerhelm, and Editor at Large, Louise Clements, whose roving eyes and busy travel itineries have allowed us to see and report on even more fine photography

-two issues of 1000 Words Photography Magazine, based around themes of Uncertainty and Murmur, released in March and September respectively

-staging an 'in conversation' at Daniel Blau Gallery, London, between Tate's Curator of Photography, Simon Baker, and Chris Shaw to a sell out audience

-1000 Wo…


After ambitious workshops in Fez, Morocco, 1000 Words is very pleased to announce a new series taking place in Greece next year, starting with two in Athens conducted by internationally renowned photographers, Todd Hido (15-19 April 2013) and JH Engstr�m (22-26 April 2013). The theme for these workshops is concerned with �Uncertainty� - of the mind, emotions, the creative process and social issues.

Athens is one of the oldest cities and the ominous presence of the Acropolis serves as a constant reminder that modern Western thinking in the arts, philosophy and politics originated here. Today, Athens is a wonderfully exciting and vibrant metropolis, bursting with culture, nightlife and the optimistic energy of every day Mediterranean verve. An extremely visual city, it is layered with complex meaning and is the perfect setting for creative exploration.

Contemporary Greece is also of course enduring economic and social upheaval on a massive scale. The regularity of demonstrations in Synta…

London Art Fair 2 for 1 ticket offer

London Art Fair is one of the UK�s premier destinations for modern British and contemporary art, bringing together 129 leading galleries from the UK and overseas.

Alongside the main fair, two curated sections focus on younger galleries, new work and contemporary photography; Art Projects and Photo50. Photo50 is an exhibition of contemporary photography featuring fifty works, curated this year by Nick Hackworth, Director of the excellent Paradise Row gallery. Entitled, A Cyclical Poem, it will bring together the work of a number of British photojournalists and documentary photographers from the 1970s to the present day including Brian Griffin, Paul Hill, Sirrka-Lisa Kontinen, Dorothy Bohm, Marketa Luscakova and Chris Steele-Perkins. The exhibition is an elliptical meditation on the idea of historical change, instances separated by eras, of congruence and difference; it considers what has changed and what has stayed the same.

The fair keeps its doors open late on Thursday 17 January, pro…

Stefan Bladh

All images � Stefan Bladh, from the series Stasis.