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Darren Harvey-Regan

Darren Harvey-Regan�s work honours the timeless discussions of perception, photography, and the constructs of representation. It casually pulls the viewer in with an efficacy most slight and nuanced by traditions of still life imagery and modernist intent towards formula. Once absorbed in the parallax of image over that of the physical construct scattered amongst the works, his projects and exhibition as a whole takes shape. Questioning the elasticity of photography makes sense and with foreknowledge of analogue practice�s continued relevancy it is a well-crafted balance of ingenuity that coalesces the works within.

Brad Feuerhelm: Can you shed any insight into where you begin an idea? Is it looking at works by artists using photography at all?

Darren Harvey-Regan: There�s a sense I have that there�s three main ingredients: One is the subject - the initial object in the world. Two is the image - the photographic representation. And three is the material object of the photograph - be i…


1000 Words is honoured to welcome Christian Patterson, author of the hugely successful photobook Redheaded Peckerwood, as the photographer to lead our first workshop in London, 20-24th May. This is a rare opportunity to learn from his experiences and mastery of process, narrative and the book form.

In a separate event, 1000 Words has also organised a free symposium with Patterson together with Tate�s Curator of Photography, Simon Baker; artist and collector, Brad Feuerhelm; and renowned gallerist Michael Hoppen also to be held at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in the capital, the details of which will be announced shortly.


Christian Patterson has achieved considerable critical acclaim for his second book Redheaded Peckerwood, now in its third print edition after having only been published in 2011. A contemporary classic, it has been hailed as one of the great photobooks in the tradition of Robert Frank�s The Americans, Michael Schmidt�s Waffenruhe a…