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Maciej Pestka

All images � Maciej Pestka

Brad Feuerhelm rubs shoulders with Maciej Pestka�s self-published photobook The Life of Psy and gets a glimpse into a hilarious case of mistaken identity.

Maciej Pestka�s The Life of Psy is a brilliant navigation between the borders of fame, photography, and the complexities of credence sought through images. During Barcelona Fashion Week in 2013, Korean-born, French-raised Dennis Carre attended a whole host of parties and events in which people throughout the fashion and beauty industry wrongly identified him as K-Pop singer, Psy of �Gangnam Dance� fame. Quick to capitalise on the doppelganger syndrome he represented, Carre�s appearance takes on a surreal fa�ade as he tangos and kisses his way through a bevy of fashion mavens at various parties, where his image or rather the image of an international superstar administer Carre attention to acts of debauchery and trickery.

Maciej Pestka�s photographs themselves are event-type images where the rules of composi…

Kuba Dabrowski @ Zacheta � National Gallery of Art, Poland

Piotr Drewko drops in on Kuba Dabrowski�s solo exhibition at Walsaw's Zacheta � National Gallery of Art, Poland.

Kuba Dabrowski�s exhibition titled A Drama Feature Film of Polish Production is a vibrant attempt to create well-structured visual correspondence based on artist�s long and fruitful escapade with photography. Entering the gallery we are faced with a chaotic, yet pleasurable space filled to capacity with a vast number of snapshots and portraits from Dabrowski�s past.

Having read the curatorial statement we�re starting to grasp the principle narrative stream, which is a very personal and intimate portrayal of artist�s adolescent experiences, friends, spontaneous situations and palpable borders of now and then. What is emerging from rhythmic visual tensions is a certain diaristic photography. Dabrowski�s exhibition does not formulate conceptual method, which situates the viewer at the intersection of art, philosophy, semiotics or science. Instead, the material presented is s…